Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Wed 20th Oct

More Whoopers have been in today, there was a brief stopover of 11 this morning on one of the stubble fields at Rockside, and also another 9 including 5 cygnets in the afternoon in the same field. Over at Gruinart there were 59 in one group on a flood out to the right of the Visitor Centre, over towards the raised beach. The birds left around 5.30pm only to be replaced by another 20 who had just come in!
Our visitors had seen a female Goldeneye on Loch Gorm, and 3 great sightings of a male Hen Harrier out hunting through the day at different places. They also commented and asked about the Redwings and Fieldfares that had been seen a few days ago, as there do not appear to be as many around now, so have these initial birds passed through?

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