Monday, 19 October 2009

Mon 19th Oct

This in an image of a Brindled Ochre Moth, sent in by Danny Arnold who was staying in the cottages last week. Danny was one of our "visiting birders" who gave me some of his sightings while he was here. He caught a total of 12 different species of Moths in his Moth trap during his stay. Thanks for that Danny.
Last night just at the darkening, there were 8 Red Deer at Sunderland in a grass field alongside the road. Later on, while coming home there was a Barn Owl perched on a fence post further along the road. Today, there were 18 Goldfinch down near to the old lime kiln below Foreland House.
This afternoon, James was up at Ardnave and had a total of 110 Greenland Whitefronts arriving in 3 separate groups in off the sea. He also had 3 groups of Whoopers too, 11 on Ardnave Loch, 20 on the reserve at Gruinart and a further 9 flying over his house. Also on Ardnave Loch were 3 Pochard and a Goldeneye, while on one of the beaches there were 9 Chough and 35 Twite.
Catherine just phoned in with a Barn Owl at Woodside at Gruinart this evening, while this afternoon she had a Golden Eagle between the Kilchoman School and Loch Gorm.

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