Thursday, 3 September 2009

Thurs 3rd Sept

An image through today from James of the juv. Spotted Redshank which he had seen the other day over on the estuary at Gruinart.
This morning, James had a Little Grebe on Ardnave Loch, last night/ late evening he had a Barn Owl out hunting over the flats, and in the afternoon, while he was working on the sluices, he was surprised at the large numbers of eels to be seen, many up to 60cm in size. Little wonder there are often Herons seen down there regularly!
Coming back from Gruinart this afternoon, and we had a really close sighting of a male Hen Harrier close to Donald "Lairds" house, and then further on, nearer to Loch Gorm was a Ringtail Hen Harrier. This morning, there was a Peregrine perched on the crag, perhaps waiting around for another Rock Dove!

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