Friday, 18 September 2009

Fri 18th Sept

Heard the one about the Corncrake? Well today while at the market at Bridgend, I was speaking to one of my farming friends, who had been combining his field of barley, he saw a Corncrake in front of him in the crop, and it made it's way to the edge of the crop and flew off. Later on another Corncrake did exactly the same, but this time a Buzzard captured it, Sounds a bit like the story from Jim Dickson last week with the Barn Owl and a Buzzard! Somebody else had seen the injured Owl later on the same day by the way.
There have been quite a few Goldfinches around of late, almost 50 at the reed bed down at the Coastguard cottages the other day. Similarly small groups of Mistle Thrushes have been seen, 12 on the guided walk at Gruinart yesterday, 6 on the overhead wires between Sunderland and towards Carnduncan and a different group 6 down on the Rowans towards Loch Gorm.

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