Sunday, 6 September 2009

Sun 6th Sept

Times flies, as that is 20% of the month away already. This morning the weather was not too bad, but as the day progressed it has turned out to become rather damp and miserable, not pouring, just a rather fine drizzle, enough to get everything wet through, the combines would not even have started today at all!
On a more positive note, but not here on Islay, I was glad to hear and read on their web page that the first of the new modules have arrived on Fair Isle, where they have already demolished the old Bird Observatory, but hope to have the new obs up and running for next year. I must be one of the few can claim to have been visited the original obs, the second observatory too, and all going well, will go and visit again once the third obs is opened. I am not that old, before somebody comments to the contrary!

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nick said...

Hi Ian,
Enjoying your blog, it is setting the scene and getting me warmed up for a visit to Islay next week. I would desperately like to see a Chough, could you suggest a good place for me to go walking or watching with a hope of seeing one. I do apologise for using your blog as an advice line but as I say, I'm desperate.
Ta, Nick.