Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Tues 10th March

What a difference a day makes, it was a Spring day here today, no rain and quite warm for time of year. The birds in the wood at lunchtime had quite a choir singing away to their heart's content.
This evening on the way out to a meeting, there was a Barn Owl out too, and on our return later on there were 3 Red Deer down on the roadside. I was also surprised to see as many hares out, as well as a single rabbit. It was the first I had seen for some time, as we seemed to have lost a lot with myxie. Infact, the other day up at Sanaigmore none were noted, and they are usually there, also another day up at Ardnave and none were to be seen there either come to think on it.
James had a count of 63 Twite in field beside his house today,which was a high count there.

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