Monday, 23 March 2009

Mon 23rd March

Birding has been a bit quieter today, especially with the sightings last week of the first of our Summer visitors starting to be seen, along with the Gyr Falcon. Having said that, a visitor here for the week had seen 2 different male Hen Harriers while he was out on the Rhinns today, and he was equally impressed with the wind speed and the swell on the sea!
Back to birds, or rather geese and Tracey forwarded me the tally for the International count done last week, totaling through at 44,896 Barnies and 6,429 Whitefronts. Thanks again to Tracey and the team for that.
Jim Dickson who had been over on Sunday, forgot to say that he had seen a flock of around 240 Golden Plover flying NW over Rockside and also that there had been 12 Ringed Plover on the same pool where he took the image of the Whooper swans on yesterday's blog.

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