Saturday, 14 March 2009

Sat 14th March

James had a few sightings off reserve today as he went down to Bridgend. At Lyrabus, he had a Peregrine falcon, coming across the flats he saw a Merlin and also spotted the Canada goose again. Coming home and he was on the lookout for any Greenland whitefronts with collars round their necks, and managed to see 5 in all, 3 at Lyrabus and 2 further on at Craigens. Not bad going, especially as there have only been a few fitted with collars.
On getting home, James had another tale to relate. Basically his daughter, Eleanor, had gone out for a ride on her bike and James had tagged on behind to see that all was okay. She went round the back of the steading on her bike and a Peregrine took off from being on the ground, and then there was a "thump" on the ground. The Peregrine had drooped half a Rock dove back onto the ground!

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