Monday, 2 March 2020

Monday 2nd March

Richard Wesley had been over last week  leading a group from Lorn Natural History Group
"We recorded 91 species during that period, slightly down on my expected total, but the weather was against us most days, including a snowstorm on Wednesday.  The records include our return journey from Port Ellen to Kennacraig.

We met Ken Reeves and his fellow birders from Leicestershire and exchanged a few sightings, they seemed a knowledgeable group.  We all enjoyed our stay on Islay with excellent accommodation and as always fabulous birds.  If you're interested in any of our photographs from our visit they can be found on the 'Lorn Natural History Group' Facebook Group page."

If I can remember correctly "Ken and the Elite 5" had a tally of 95 different species seen.

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