Monday, 9 December 2019

Monday 9th December

What a diffence a day makes, the wind through the day has dropped considerably with little rain in the air either, better not get too exited as the forecast does not too good for tomorrow... We still only have a single ferry working with the old boat still in dry dock, around 3 weeks after she was due back, nobody seems to know exactly what is wrong  with her, apart from old age!!!

Mark, at Gruinart, had seen 4 Bullfinches, 4 Goldcrests, saw the Little Egret, counted 43 Twite and spotted 2 White tailed Eagles on the reserve at Gruinart. 

Just after lunch time today, I saw 2 Golden  Eagles soaring above the crag, here at home, and they were being harassed by a single Raven. Shortly afterwards, a Hooded crow flew away up the gully.

James today had  the Green winged Teal and also the Little Egret both seen out from the North hide at Gruinart. The "film crew", at the same time, had seen a total of 8 White tailed Eagles at Gruinart. They had 4 adults and also 4 juvenile birds.

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