Thursday, 5 September 2019

Thursday 5th September

JD had made good use the drier kind of  a day.. Over at Kilchiaran, he saw a Grey Wagtail. Off Bruichladdich, he had a Sandwich Tern and also 4 Red throated Divers. Up at the head of Loch Indaal, he counted 40 Red  breasted Merganser, 59 Barwits and also 69 Red Knot. Over at Gruinart, JD's top birds were a Sparrowhawk, a Peregrine and also he had an Osprey there as well.

Almost forgot to mention that around 7.30 yesterday morning, we had another visiting Sparrowhawk land on top of the feeding cage. Needless to say, it just sat and watched, as all the wee birds flew out of the cage and away out of sight.

Early this afternoon, and Margaret spotted a Fulmar down on the ground beside the bird seed crop... obviously a young bird that had flown from its' nest on the crag, but did not manage to fly over the top of the machir and onwards to the sea. So "Muggins" was sent to catch the youngster, which I did do, better still it never spat at me... So once we had it safely in a box, we took it down to Loch Indaal and released it on the sea... too fat to fly!!

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