Sunday, 10 June 2018

Sunday 10th June

Some sightings through from visitors tonight.  Jake McMahon who has been staying over at the campsite at Kintra, out of Port Ellen. He had seen 5 Eiders out on the water at Kintra, and 9 Gbb Gulls on the shore. Up on the woods to the NW of Kintra he has heard 2 separate Cuckoos calling. He also had seen Hen Harriers along the Cornabus valley along towards Kilnaughton Bay. Each morning he has been woken to a dawn  chorus of Meadow Pipits
Colin and Linda Graham are over with a group of birders from Barnsley. Yesterday, they counted 26 Chough on the roof of Kilchoman House, and also saw a Peregrine and 2 Ravens overhead. Today, they had a Grasshopper Warbler and 2 male Hen Harriers seen on the reserve as well. Up on Nave Island, they saw 10 Little Terns, with the Velvet Scoter seen at Easter Ellister and also a Whinchat close to Loch Gorm. Back here at home we saw 2 different Golden Eagles, one soaring high up on a thermal with  the other away far out, just as well that we had the bins with us and also verified from the "Mallard way birdman"...

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