Sunday, 8 April 2018

Sunday 8th April

A great day with the weather out here today folks, the temperature even creeped into double figures and that is on centigrade not fahrenheight scales..
Merja and Bjoern Olsen are back for another visit. Yesterday they had seen several Buzzard  at Bridgend, Port Charlotte and Kilchiaran. They also had a Peregrine out over the hill at Kilchiaran. Out from Kilchiaran, over the sea, they had several large groups of Gannets flying past. They also had a Grey Wagtail on the wee burn leading down to the bay at Kilchiaran.. Near Bridgend, they had a Sparrowhawk with 2 Barwits  seen nearby. Back on Friday, they had seen an Iceland Gull, in a field out towards Claddach. Yesterday, Pia had heard a woodpecker drumming while she was in at Loch Skerrols
Bob, this morning had a count of 400 Fieldfare between his garden and the adjacent field. Martin was over at Rockside visiting Distillery Dave this morning, and had seen several Goldcrest and some Goldfinch in the trees there. This afternoon, up towards Borichal Mor, we had  seen a Golden Eagle and a White tailed Eagle getting higher and higher on the same thermal, great to see them together for comparison, boy the White  tailed Eagle makes the Golden Eagle look so small. We also saw several small groups of Redwings as we drove around.... Peter this evening had seen 7 Pale bellied Brent on Loch Indaal out from his house in Bruichladdich
On a foot note, this evening, I went and gave a Distillery Dave a helping hand to rescue a ewe that was well and truly stuck in a muddy hole. Boy, was I glad to have a shower when I got home....the combined smell of mud and an old ewe is not too pleasant, trust me!!!!

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