Saturday, 14 April 2018

Saturday 14th April

Rather a bad hair day today, not that I am a bad loser but on 2 counts today it seemed that way.. Firstly I do admit to be a supporter of Aberdeen FC, and well they got knocked out of the Cup today, and then to make matters worse, the Melrose Rugby Sevens tournament was on the TV...and Melrose RFC got beaten by Watsonians RFC. In that game I suppose I should be pleased regardless of who won, say no more...
On the bird front no real news from Islay, but on the Lammermuir hills, we had really close sightings of some Red Grouse. Up near the top of the hill, there was a reported sighting of 7 Ring Ouzel back on Monday, but no joy on seeing them. Coming back we had a large flock of around 300 Fieldfare on the wing, close to Gilston.....and the weather was quite good for once, dry for the whole day and warmer than previous days, not that that would be hard to do!!!

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