Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Tuesday 30th January

Yesterday morning, Chris Mills had seen a couple of Fulmars in, soaring along the front of the crag, this evening the wind has picked up a bit and swirling around, the wind is not too clever tomorrow either ... Bob had 10 Greenfinch in his garden the other day. Yesterday, Bob had 49 Scaup along at Cash Kelly's/ Blackrock on Loch Indaal.
Here at home, on the big bench this afternoon where the wee birds normally feed, well the Sparrowhawk was sitting as if it owned the said bench and on the ground on the other side, a male Pheasant quite oblivious to the Sparrowhawk less than 6 feet away, just as well that the Pheasant was busy looking for seeds on the ground.. and they were there for over a couple of minutes with my camera away out of the way!!! It was the Sparrowhawk who moved away first...and no there were no wee birds around watching!!!

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