Sunday, 28 January 2018

Sunday 28th January

Nothing much to report tonight, the weather certainly has not ben kind to us, not much use really for trying to count the birds for Gardenwatch...Chris Mills from Norfolk birding is over this week with a group of  7 clients. They did venture out today seeing both the Iceland and also the Glaucous gull in the field at Ballinaby. They also saw the  Greenshank and Ruff out from the South hide at Gruinart and then up at Ardnave they counted 31 Chough. Here at home, the  Sparrowhawk flew through the garden, earlier on I had spoofed 11 Pheasant out from one corner of the garden, they only flew over 100 metres or so, landing in the game crop a bit further on!!!!

Mind and watch BBC "Winterwatch" with some footage from Islay, not sure what is being screened on which nights....

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