Sunday, 31 December 2017

Sunday 31st December

An early entry tonight while still have got power, and at least with having a satellite broadband system, we are not reliant on cable broadband as I believe that some folk on the island have not been getting any broadband lately. One of our regular correspondents who is over on the mainland on holiday, had seen a Red Kite as he was driving along, close to Doune. It was just as well that I went out in the dark last night and took the bird feeders down, as one of the big posts was blown well over in the wind through the night. The wind was rather strong with us around 7 am with our reading at 72 mph while over at Port Ellen, it was 76mph. I can verify that it was blowing rather strongly as I was outside and it almost blew me over, what was I doing outside???  The birds were fed on the ground and this afternoon, with the wind dropping a bit, we managed to put the leaning post in another position and put all the feeders back up...and the birds and ourselves were pleased with the job done. Just after we finished putting the big post back up, a ringtail Hen Harrier flew across the far corner of the garden and then around 30 minutes later, a Heron flew past on its' way "home" after being down in the stream.

Many thanks to all the folk that have contributed their sightings through the year, and to you the reader for following us through the year, so keep the blog going, send through your sightings...

All the best for 2018 wherever you are!!!!

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