Saturday, 30 December 2017

Saturday 30th December

Yesterday, James while on his way down to Bowmore, saw a White tailed Eagle out from Whin park, over the merse at Bridgend. It managed to spoof the geese present, into the air and then proceeded to catch a goose as it was taking off  and proceed to land with the said goose and devour it... This afternoon, while James was over for a natter and a cuppa we were watching the birds on the feeders, who suddenly all took off, a quick scan round produced a  female Sparrowhawk  up in the sky. A few moments later it came back round and down into some scrub willows where it remained just waiting in hope that the wee birds would return. So after a few moments it took off and literally was pushed away in the wind, as they say "Gone but not forgotten"
By the look of the weather forecast, I might just go out and take the bird feeders down this evening, better that than picking up broken feeders in the morning!!

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