Thursday, 8 December 2016

Thursday 8th December

While she was sitting having her "packed lunch" over at Port Ellen, Mandy saw a White tailed Eagle fly past, coming in from the skerries past The Ard, it flew over towards Kilnaughton Bay  and then inland... Later on, Mandy had seen Pale bellied Brent amongst the Barnies at Kinnabus. Late this morning, Margaret and myself headed down towards Machir Bay, and in the same field as where the Isabelline Wheatear was last week, amongst the 40 Ringed Plover present, a Grey Plover and a Turnstone were seen. James commented on the Grey Plover being in a field,rather out on the shore, but he was thee as well, to witness it!!! We had the same count of Ringed Plover that Mandy had there yesterday, so probably the same birds. Late afternoon, here at home, I saw another House Sparrow with a ring on its' leg, a different bird as yesterday was a female and today it was a male! Today, I had my camera to hand but I was still unable to read the said ring, probably some of the birds caught and rung by George E. Jackson, so must really get it caught on an image, if nothing else to satisfy my curiosity.

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