Friday, 2 December 2016

Friday 2nd December

Good friend, Marsali sent me through her rainfall figures from her rain gauge over at Mulindry for November. Her tally, as usual was more than ours coming in at 6.48 inches. Perhaps the winds we get here does not allow the actual rain to even reach the gauge itself and gets blown past instead...
Mary yesterday had a good day with raptors. She had been working on the Gruinart route of the goose count. Up at Ardnave, she saw a male Hen Harrier, a juvenile Golden Eagle and later on a Buzzard and also a Merlin. At the top of Loch Indaal, she spotted a juvenile White tailed Eagle. On her way to Bowmore, at the start of the day, Mary had seen a Peregrine down at Octofad. Also yesterday, here at home a Raven and a Peregrine were having a bit of a tussle in flight out above the crag. Jim Dickson, Gary Mike and Peter had Merlin down at Machir Bay whilst they were watching the Wheatear, again yesterday morning.

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