Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Wednesday 31st August

Yesterday afternoon, Bob had seen a Peregrine about 300 metres along the "high road"  from the junction at Springbank. He saw another Peregrine over close to the airport, down the big strand, he saw 6 Sanderling and 8 Ringed Plover were present. At the Bird nerds meeting held at the Gaelic College, the following birds were seen, 22 Wigeon, 30 Eider, a small flock of Dunlin of around 15 in total, a few Oystercatcher, some Curlew, 30 Greylag and 12 Mute Swan further out on Loch Indaal. We also saw a very inquisitive Stoat who was easily "squeaked in". Gary this morning, had seen Curlew, Whimbrel and Ringed Plover at Bruichladdich, along at Port Charlotte in the bay, there was a Great crested Grebe. This morning, Mike and Peter had done a stint down at Frenchman's Rocks, the wind was sou' westerly, 17 to 20 mph, birds flying with the wind.... the birds seen over their 2 hour stint was as follows,  2 Great Skua, 3023 Manx Shearwater, 35 Sooty Shearwater, 363 Gannets on passage with around 500 fishing around the rock itself, 193 Fulmar, 31 Shag, 23 Kittiwake, 8 Guillemot, 8 Turnstone, 2 Red Knot and 3 Tufted Duck. While out and about today, Michal had seen 4 different ringtail Hen Harriers between Bushmills and Ardnave Point. Michal also saw 11 Black tailed Godwit at Gruinart and a Whooper Swan on Loch Lageadail. All I can offer was a Wren as it hopped along in the shelter of the dyke from the wind here at home, the first I have seen for sometime.

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