Friday, 26 August 2016

Friday 26th August

Yesterday evening, around 10 o'clock there was a really spectacular thunderstorm with lightning to match it, for around 20 to 30 minutes out over the sea. First thing to do was to unplug the phone and the computers as well as the tv too... Earlier on, I had seen a Whitethroat and a wee while later on a Willow Warbler over the game crop.
This morning, Margaret spotted a Buzzard, a Peregrine and 2 Ravens having a tussle with each other out towards the War Graves cemetery. Then this afternoon on our way home, a Peregrine was plucking its' kill, probably a Rock Dove, just as we came up the hill to our house, out on the warren. Bob this evening had a count of 102 Teal out in front of the new hide at Gruinart, a Black tailed Godwit flew in to join the party!

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