Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Wednesday 13th January

Bob Swann sent through the information on the Greylag geese, both of them were fitted with the collars here on Islay at the same site. One them of went over to Colonsay, while other went to Mull, both have now returned here, but in different groups! On his way home, late last night, Gary had a couple of Barn Owls on the fence beside the road, close to Ballygrant. Today, on Loch nan Cadhan, past Ballygrant, the resident pair of mute swan were present and were joined by 3 male Goldeneye and also a Dabchick. This morning, here at home, the "local" ringtail had a flypast over the garden. the wee birds have been really busy on the feeders, no doubt filling up with food before the weather turns colder!

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