Thursday, 28 January 2016

Thursday 28th January

Well, those Fulmars that I spotted the other day have certainly have proved me right again, as today the wind has been building up as the day progressed. The ferry is coming over this evening from the mainland as I write this entry and will return as per its' timetable later this evening, but tomorrow the ferry has already been cancelled until at least 6pm, so I suppose your morning paper might be classed as an evening one, but then again I do not think they will be on the ferry anyway!!!
This morning, I was pottering away in the garage when I heard a Blackbird "alarm calling", I looked up and it was in the garage with me and then the Sparrowhawk flew in after it... the said Sparrowhawk had the cheek to perch for a few moments less than 2 metres from where I was standing....Both birds then flew away out the door. This afternoon the Sparrowhawk nobbled one of the wee birds off the bird table, one less to count on Sunday when we do the Garden Birdwatch!!!!

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