Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Tuesday 1st December

Well, another month in and another season past, now we are in December and into Winter... The rainfall tally for the month came through at a mere 9.3 inches, the wettest month I think this year. Still we should not really complain as our friends over at Mulindry had 11.4 inches for the month, see these folk that live inland and close to the hills... Margaret saw the Sparrowhawk put in an appearance in the garden this morning, it even had the cheek to perch on top of the rain gauge for a few moments, hope it did not break it... I see that Mike's weather station is quite a bit different in his seasonal tally to ours, but I think that his weather station packed in with a lightning strike earlier this year and lost its' memory, so it had start from zero again.

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