Saturday, 12 December 2015

Saturday 12th December

A better day out here today, virtually no wind so no wind chill factor to be allowed for in the outside temperature. The Paps of Jura were white with snow and the view over to Ireland was not a bad sight either. There was a blue sky for quite some time too, and with virtually no clouds, we saw several jets fly overhead. Here at home this morning, the Sparrowhawk was sitting on the picnic bench again. Earlier on, we had counted 21 Goldfinches on the feeders. Round at Coull there were around 35 Fieldfare in a flock together, a flock of around 4-500 Barnies were present at Coull as well. Over at Ballinaby, 2 Whoopers were in the fields there along with the 500 or so Barnies present, as well as 8 Whitefronts and a few Greylags, none with neck collars or leg rings on though! On our travels over to get the papers at Bridgend, there were small groups of Hooded Crows noted at Coull, Ballinaby, Coille, Carnduncan, Sunderland and down at Uiskentuie as well. At Bridgend itself, 5 Whoopers flew overhead heading out towards the sea. On our way back home, there was a single Pale bellied Brent seen close to the shore at Cash Kelly's former house at Blackrock. Finally there were 4 Whoopers resting up on Loch Gorm.

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