Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Wednesday 9th September

There appears to be more Sparrowhawks seen on Islay of late, Bob was telling me of Jimmy Roy who lives at Port Charlotte. Jimmy was sitting outside with a welcome cuppa when a Sparrowhawk flew in and land on the table where Jimmy was sitting. The bird sat and had a good look at Jimmy before flying off... yesterday when Jimmy was telling Bob about the event, up at Bob's house a Sparrowhawk flew past.. Today, George was up here for a blether and had seen a Sparrowhawk flying ahead of him up above Foreland, and we had one spoofing the birds in the garden around breakfast time! Yesterday, James had an Osprey over on Loch Gruinart. Mary had been out and about today. At Corsapol, she started her trip with a male Hen Harrier, on the salt marsh a large female Peregrine was being watched closely by 2 Herons... Another 5 Herons were present there. Further on below Gruinart Farm, on the Loch, 3 Ravens were harassing a Sparrowhawk, while another was flying along the road between the old Kilchoman Schoolhouse and Culbuie roadend. At Bun an Uillt, a Wheatear was spotted while at Killinallan, a light coloured Kestrel was present. Out on Loch Gruinart, an Osprey was seen. More from Mary's round up tomorrow night...

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