Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Wednesday 1st July

The tally in the rain gauge came to 2.25 inches for the month, almost an inch less June last year. the temperature rose to 22 degrees today on Mike's weather station, not as high as other places, but bearable at least... Forgot to mention last night that Bob had heard a Cuckoo calling up beside his house on Monday, other birds seen last night at bird nerds were Swallows, House Martin and a Song Thrush. Paul Graham saw a Barn Owl last night down at Bruichladdich, and a Corncrake was heard there too!!! There was a Cuckoo calling away up the hill behind our former house this afternoon and the 2 Greenfinches are still present here as well. This morning Gary had account of 23 Ravens flying out the hills on the East side of Loch Gruinart. This afternoon Gary counted 40 Swifts over his garden and over the surrounding fields over at Coullabus. There was a reported sighting 4 Bea eaters down on the Oa today, but ever news is a bit sketchy as to where they were seen exactly, when they seen and who saw them... and the news came from Tiree to the mainland and then back to Islay...

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