Friday, 24 July 2015

Friday 24th July

Another not bad day out here on the western edge of Islay, the sun is streaming in through the big gable windows, with the shades across so I can see... what a complaint!! As I write the Jackdaws are outside, calling away, earlier on it had been the Choughs that were making the noise...This morning, there was a Linnet on the seed heads of some of the weeds that were sown there on purpose just for the birds to eat... This afternoon there was a Redpoll down on the garden wall and the 2 young Buzzards were out on the wing, further up on the thermals. Cliff from Hexham had taken a walk out in the hills on the Rhinns yesterday, and was pleased to see Buzzards, Ravens, a distant Golden Eagle and also a Peregrine.

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