Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Wednesday 8th April

Wonder long I can keep repeating myself, yes another great day again...Some sightings through from Mary. Yesterday morning down at Claddach, she had a "seemingly really small" Wheatear. Coming up to work, at Ellister, she saw a Buzzard carrying nesting material while at Gortan, the coalyard, 15 Whoopers were on the high tide line on Loch Indaal. On the reserve at Gruinart, Mary found a freshly built Robin's nest. Mid afternoon, there were 40 Whoopers on the flats which had just arrived as they had not been there at midday. On the floods, amongst the usual birds seen there, a pair of Dabchick were present. There appear to be fewer Geese around today, so possibly some have flown on, will try and find out that tomorrow...On the down side yesterday and now on going, is the simple matter of one of ferries breaking down yet again, so no Colonsay sailing today and down to a reduced timetable for the next couple of days, though Calmac are sending a ferry down from Oban both days to ease things a bit, then there is the big cattle sale on Saturday... On top of it all our land line has gone awol, so no phone line, wonder how long it will take before that gets this space!

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