Friday, 10 April 2015

Friday 10th April

There was a reported sighting of a Short eared Owl seen up behind Port Charlotte from earlier this week, but nobody else has seen it as of yet...Mary yesterday had seen a Sand Martin over the floods at Gruinart and had seen 2 Willow Warblers while on the Moorland trail. Visitors had written in the diary at the visitor centre at Gruinart of "lots of Wheatear and a Swallow up at Ardnave". Today, Mary was in touch to say that Willow Warblers were "singing everywhere". She also had seen a Swallow at the reserve, and earlier on this morning had a Sand Martin at Claddach. Around midday when coming back home, we had 4 Swallows up behind the coalyard at Gortan. Over the last few days the Lapwings here have been very noticeable with their aerial displays, often quite high up in the air, on the ground the male Pheasants are busy trying to woo their mates...there certainly appear to be more around here this Spring.

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