Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Tuesday 6th January

Well, I am glad to say that one our sharp eyed readers spotted the "deliberate mistake" that I had in last night's entry... I have not even changed it either, quite funny when I see it again!!! This afternoon just before we came to the entrance leading to Coull Farm, a Merlin shot out of the undergrowth at the roadside and flew away across the fields there. Further on, a Stonechat was spotted. Going up to Ardnave, Margaret saw a distant Peregrine sitting on a rocky outcrop. On Ardnave Loch, there were 3 adult Whoopers with a further 6 in another group consisting of 4 adults and 2 cygnets. There were also 4 Mute Swans, a Heron and some Mallard present there as well. Coming home, close to where we saw the Merlin, there were 9 Hooded Crows in the field. Been noticing that there have been several Ravens paired up... This morning there were a couple of Fulmars in soaring around in front of the crag, sign of stormy weather coming???

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