Sunday, 25 January 2015

Sunday 25th January

Yesterday Mary had found a dead Glaucous Gull close to Blackrock at the top of Loch Indaal, earlier on at Bruichladdich, Mary had a Hen Harrier and she also had a Merlin close to Kilchoman. Today was the Big garden Bird count, so we did our bit...with the tally coming out as follows here in our patch... 16 Goldfinches, 85 Chaffinches, 45 Starling, 10 Jackdaws, 7 House Sparrows, 1 Blue Tit, 2 Great Tit, 2 Robin, 1 Blackbirds, 2 Dunnock, 7 Pheasants and a Brambling. It was Margaret that saw the Brambling, a new tick for the garden and today of all days! A friend from Bearsden on the outskirts of Glasgow had a completely different count to ours, they had Siskin, Bullfinches, Greenfinches, Great spotted Woodpeckers, Magpie along with their other usual birds and even a fox....

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