Sunday, 21 September 2014

Sunday 21st September

Apologies for not having an entry last night, I had been away out to Stirling and by the time I got home last night and the van emptied out, was not really up to putting some words together...Yes, the plane did not come in on Friday evening as I met in with Carl who too was on the 7 am ferry, he should have been on the plane on Friday evening!! On Friday afternoon, James had an Osprey carrying a fish away from Loch Gruinart. Peter and Pia had been walking their dog down on Machir Bay this morning where they had a count of 55 Ringed Plover and 25 Sanderling. Up here, while having a natter over a cuppa with James, there was a commotion outside, a quick look out of the window, 2 new garden birds, a pair of Peregrines, with the big hen bird flying off with its kill, a Rock Dove by the feathers left behind on the grass. She took it over and sat up on the crag happily plucking her catch. After James left for home, I set out to take the papers down to old Len as I did not do it yesterday.. down on the almost dry wee lochans at Rockside there was a Heron, but also on the edge of the water, be it on the other side of the water was a White tailed Sea Eagle. I quickly gave Len his papers but on my return the bird had flown away. All in all a great day for seeing birds, not many but the ones that were seen, well, just top class...

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