Monday, 15 September 2014

Monday 15th September

Had an e mail through from Ed Burrell who was over here on Islay last winter doing work on the Greenland Whitefronts. Ed had some great news in that he got a message through from one of his geese that had been fitted with the radio transponders. It was last hear of back on the 2nd of May as it left Iceland heading over to Greenland. Well, on Friday Ed was able get some data downloaded from it through the mobile phone network/GSM network when it was over East Greenland. On Saturday, it was on to North East Iceland. The first of Whitefronts arrived in Iceland on Wednesday, so if they get a suitable tail wind it won't be long before they return here... Great to hear from you Ed and look forward to catching up when you return yourself next month, may be we should have radio tagged Ed as well to follow his movements too!!!

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