Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Wednesday 30th October

The RAFOS team had been out and about around Islay yesterday, a White tailed Sea Eagle was seen flying over Claggain Bay. While they were doing the farmland Bird survey down on the Oa, a Sparrowhawk put up a couple of flocks with over 100 Twite in each lot. 40 Chough were noted up at Ardnave while a Blackcap was seen back home in the trees in front of the cottages. They also commented on seeing our large flocks of Geese, not only on the ground, but also the large numbers in the air too. Gordon and Pauline had been over at Bunnahabhain this morning and had seen an adult WTSE flying over on the Jura side of the Sound of Islay. Whilst they were there, an Otter was seen and 70 Redwing were counted flying South down the Sound. Earlier on they had a Grey Wagtail "fighting" against its' own reflection on the window of their cottage in Port Charlotte!

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