Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Tuesday 8th October

Forgot to mention last night that Bob had seen Stonechats and Whinchats the other day when he was over on Jura. Also last Saturday, Martin and Helen from Liverpool had stayed overnight on Jura in their camper van and commented on the noise with the Red Deer now all calling away, as they are now starting to rut. Today the wind has started to move round a point or two, net result is that some more geese are to be seen. Mid afternnon, at Gruinart, Mary had counted 601 Barnies, 24 Pale bellied Brents and 3 Whitefronts. There had also been 23 Whoopers but they only touched down for an hour before heading on to Ireland! Bob just at daylight had heard Fieldfares flying overhead, later on down at Octomore there was a flock of over 200 Skylarks on the barley stubbles. Down at the lighthouse on Loch Indaal at Port Charlotte, a Sparrowhawk was out flying above the whin bushes there.
If you are around tomorrow afternoon at 4pm from the Visitor centre at Gruinart, there is a "Wader walk", no doubt there will be the odd goose and some ducks to be seen at the same time.....If the geese are coming in, it is a sight to be seen, a bit like Heathrow with all the planes coming in to land!

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