Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Tuesday 9th April

Yesterday, Carl saw a Sandwich Tern in the bay down at Port Charlotte. Bob had 34 Ringed Plover in the field up behind the dunes at Machir Bay. Yesterday and today there have been some Redwings and Fieldfares being seen. Today Johnathan & Keith had counted 50 Skylark, 2 Twite, and 70 Chaffinch in a field on their way up to Sanaigmore. On the River Sorn, they had seen 2 Grey Wagtail and heard 3 Treecreepers in the trees. Over the market at Bridgend, a Peregrine was seen. Over the crags behind Kilchoman they had 2 different Golden Eagles come out, one of which was being mobbed by Buzzards. Later on they saw a Yellowhammer fly past. Another visitor, Richard had an Osprey with a fish in its' talons at the top of Loch Gorm with a Short eared Owl nearby. George has been seeing a pair of Mute Swans on his ponds over the last few days and wonders whether they could thinking of nesting there. Bob has a pair of Blackbirds  building a nest in a crate in his garden. Emily who is over taking the walks with RSPB this summer had a Red Kite close to Coillabus on the Oa. It had red wing tags which Emily says are from Central Scotland, probably a 2012 bird. On the guided walk on the Oa, today a Wheatear was seen, a brief sighting of a Golden Eagle and close to the American monument, 2 Peregrine were spotted. Down close to the airport on the "low road" between Port Ellen and Bowmore, Emily had a great sighting of a male Hen Harrier. Late this afternoon, I was watching a Pipestrelle Bat flying back and forward along in front of the trees and around the cottages for the best part of 5 minutes.

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