Saturday, 27 April 2013

Saturday 27th April

Spot the deliberate mistake last  night then? Well the TV program is being screened next Monday, not this coming Monday, even had a letter through from John Aitchison telling us about it, in the post, better mind and watch it! The bird nerds is on Tuesday coming, right enough, at 7pm at the "old hide" at Gruinart.... Back to birds then... Anna on Tuesday had 3 Gannets fishing off the Port Charlotte lighthouse, on Wednesday over on Jura along with her mother, they had a seen 4 different Golden Eagles. Later on, back on Islay, down below Nerabus they had counted 30 Whimbrel and also on the Rhinns they had seen 2 White tailed Sea Eagles. Yesterday, James had counted 970 Barnies on the reserve at Gruinart. The Canada Goose, hutchinsii sp was seen as was a Pink footed Goose. On the floods, 54 Blackwits were present, 5 House Martins flew past and a Cuckoo was heard along the flats. Today James had 2 Otters along the flats, a Cuckoo was heard and Merlin was present. The Rochdale birders headed home today, but had seen 2 Treecreepers in the woods at Bridgend before they left. Many thanks to Gordon and Pauline for their sightings while they were here. This morning, Mary had 2 Corncrakes calling at Portnahaven, in competition with a cement mixer! I know that they often compete against the strimmer going and also the "farm bike" as well, but a cement mixer is a new one to me! Michal had a male Hen Harrier on reserve and also a Buzzard. Also today, Bob had Sparrowhawk fly past his house as well as a RTD later on. Up over the moor behind his house, he heard 3 Cuckoos and saw a male Hen Harrier and then later on a  ringtail. Here at home, while  we were doing some  work outside, the ever inquisitive Choughs had to do a fly past just checking out what we were doing...The 4 Siskins are still here on the feeders and the male Redpoll was present this morning too.  

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