Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Wednesday 13th March

Many thanks to Michal and James for writing the blog over the past week while I have been down South in Surrey. Even took my bins with me but never lifted them out of the bag, but did have a couple of Jays in the garden, several Magpies and some screeching Parakeets flying overhead. One morning there was also a rather large Grey Squirrel out in the garden, no sign of any foxes this time...
So, back to Islay's birds, here goes...Over the weekend Adam Cross had been over from Glasgow. His birds included a male Hen Harrier out of Port Ellen. Down on the Oa, a Merlin was seen and a Golden Eagle present. Back towards Port Ellen a small flock of 10 Redwing and later 12 Fieldfare. Up at Gruinart, a Sparrowhawk was seen and some Shoveler out in front of the hide. Thanks Adam. On Monday, Bob had a flock of 120 Golden Plover at Coullabus and later on, another flock of 88 at Conisby. Yesterday at home, Bob had a Buzzard and a Peregrine having an aerial tussle, but with no winner! Later on, he had a Jack Snipe on the moor close to his house. Yesterday, Dave had a Coot on Loch Kinnabus, a first record for the Oa reserve. Also on reserve were 530 Greenland Whitefronts, 6 Chough, 100 Golden Plover and 22 Skylarks. Today, James had a small flock of 9 Song Thrushes on the reserve at Gruinart, in front of the new hide, the Green winged Teal was present, the Canada Goose hutchinsii sp was amongst the Barnies on the flats and James had a count of 1,150 Starlings on reserve. This morning here at home, I felt that there some more Blackbirds around, possibly moved over from the mainland with the cold weather over there, mind you, on Monday night, Mike's weather station recorded minus 5 which is cold for here! Mid afternoon there were over 20 Chough out over the crag, great to see and hear...Never really tire watching the Choughs!

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