Wednesday 27 February 2013

Wednesday 27th February

A good night last night at the "bird nerds" meeting with 16 folk coming along including 5 visitors. It turned out to be a hands on meeting with several Barn owl pellets being looked at. We were also fortunate to have faeces from a Hooded  crow to look at and also a White tailed Sea Eagle pellet sent over by by someone over on Jura. In the Barn Owl pellets, bones present were from Mice, Shrews and also Voles. The Crow faeces had quite a few beetle casings and the White tailed Sea Eagle had part of a lower beak of possibly a Grouse, but Peter is going to do some detective work on that one. Phil and Kath (correct spelling tonight!!!) had 2 Barn Owls on their way home, one at Whinpark and the other over the fields towards Craigens. After we dropped James off, we had a Tawny Owl on top of the dyke up past the old school. It just watched as we drove past and never flew off! This evening we had a Tawny Owl calling in the wood here at the house. Yesterday Bob had a Goldcrest on the Bolsay moor. Also yesterday, George had 2 Woodcock at the edge of his trees at home, and also a Kestrel on his way down to Portnahaven. Earlier in the week, Phil and Kath saw a male Goosander on Lossit Loch  and today they spotted an ermine coated Stoat while walking between Ballygrant and Port Askaig. Malcolm yesterday had a flock of 260 Golden Plover at Duich with 80 Skylark counted on the track leading down to Laggan Farm.

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