Sunday, 10 February 2013

Sunday 10th February

Another miserable sort of a day with the weather... James had seen a Short eared Owl on the flats on the reserve at Gruinart. In amongst the flock of geese close to James's house at Grainel, a Canada Goose hutchinsii sp was present today. Here at home, we have seen a cheeky Starling that manages to get into the "caged" bird feeder.... it has figured out to get in... just get below the flap, force your head up to cause the flap to open slightly, then straighten your neck up a bit and then hey presto wriggle your way in and get some of  the "better" food on offer. We have watched it several times over the past few days... hope it does not pass on the method of entry to its' mates!!! The bird feeders have been really busy today, at one time this afternoon,  it was literally "standing room" only!!

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