Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Tuesday 19th June

A bit of a late entry, but got on the blether with Martin and Elisabeth.... but here goes now! James today had 2 Cuckoos on the reserve at Gruinart, and later on he had 2 separate male Hen Harriers. Carl yesterday had seen fledged Siskins and fledged Goldfinches in his garden in Port Charlotte. Along at Rockside he had young Reed Bunting and young Whinchat. Peter yesterday had seen the male Ring necked Duck on Loch Finlaggan, also there was a male Reed Bunting feeding young. Over on Jura near Inverlussa, Peter had a female Common Redstart. Back on Monday, Adam who is a "vol" at Gruinart had a male and a female GND up at Ardnave and also 3 Otters there too. At Port Mor, he had another Otter and down at Eilean Dubh below Port Charlotte, Adam had  another 2 males and a female GND. In the evening, he had a Barn Owl and a Long tailed Tit in the trees to the West of Octofad. On his way back to Gruinart, he had another Barn Owl. Beki and Josie had a pod of 4 bottle nosed Dolphins close to Port Mor last night. 

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