Monday, 11 June 2012

Monday 11th June

Okay, not an Islay bird but this Little Egret was over at the ferry terminal at Kennacraig today, Jim Dickson sent the image through with the Egret been seen initially by Steven Black. So if you are coming over on the ferry in the next few days keep a lookout for it! Yesterday afternoon, James had a count of 133 Grey Seals up at Killinallan. Also yesterday over Loch Gruinart, an Osprey was seen and shortly afterwards a Golden Eagle. Late last night, as it was so flat calm we went out to count Corncrakes on our patch, and came home later on with a total of 14 heard. The odd one or two had moved on and others heard calling in new places, some were really easy to locate while some that were further away were hard to pinpoint, but we got the job done...

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