Sunday, 31 January 2010

Sun 31st Jan

We were having a look at some of the images of the Eagles taken on Friday and Saturday with James this afternoon. On closer inspection, James reckons that the Friday birds were an adult pair, whereas the 2 from yesterday were immature birds going by the different wing markings. James himself had done a quick scan of one of the fields beside the steading at Gruinart yesterday, and had counted 133 Skylark, 103 Chaffinch and 14 Fieldfare.
Later on this afternoon, and in between the dirty sleet showers we took a quick run round Loch Gorm, there were a few Fieldfare in some of the fields. A sight that I had not seen before was the Barnacle Geese up on the hill at Ballinaby, rather than in the fields where they normally are. I noticed yesterday that there were a lot of geese resting up on Loch Indaal with the tide being out. Possibly with the full moon and clear sky, the geese had been eating through the night. We also saw a Merlin today and there were 4 Whooper Swan on one of the lochans beside Loch Gorm.
Also this afternoon, we carried out the "Big Garden Birdwatch", but you will have to be kept in suspense until tomorrow night!

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