Sunday, 17 January 2010

Sun 17th Jan

Another great day weatherwise over here, Malcolm commented on having a Great Tit singing in his garden, it was almost as if in March not mid January! As it was so good, James had been out round Ardnave Point and had 8 Snow Bunting and also 19 Purple Sandpiper. Also Peter at his house in Bruichladdich was well pleased with over 10 Goldfinches and more than 5 Greenfinches at his feeders today. Peter had gone down to look for the Gyr Falcon at Portnahaven, with no luck, but had met in with another birder who had seen it about 30 minutes prior to their meeting!
By the way, there were a few Fulmars in on the crag this morning, are we due for a change in the weather in a few days time?

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