Saturday, 8 February 2020

Saturday 8th February

I received some birds seen on Wednesday and o Thursday from the "2 Steves and Julie". 
On Wednesday at Bridgened Woods saw 2 Dippers, and a  single Coal Tit.  On Jura,  we saw Tystie, 1 White tailed Eagle and really good view of Otter in Craighouse.
On Thursday 6 February, They  had a fine look at 30+ Choughs in glorious sunshine up at Ardnave then on our third visit to the just fantastic Loch Gruinart, amongst the usual suspects, we found a lone Little Grebe, single Greenshank and a couple of Yellowhammer. In the morning, we saw a Gannet and Shag at Portnahaven. As ever, many thanks for your sightings folks, the blog would be a lot "quieter" if folk did not send through what they had seen.... Much appreciated!!! I believe that they had seen 90 species when they were over here for the week.
James on his way home last night had seen 2 Tawny Owls on the reserve at Gruinart.

Chris Mills's sighting of the Fulmar the other day has again proved correct , with it turning out to be rather windy here today, the ferry came first thing this morning, and as I write, it has just set out for another return trip to Islay this evening. The top speed on Dr Matt Jackson's weather station was 67mph at around 16.00 earlier on!!!

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