Sunday, 27 October 2019

Sunday 27th October

A few more sighhtings through from Dave Pierce and his group of birders from Naturetrek, all seen yesterday... They had counted 30 Pale bellied Brent Geese between Bridgend and Bowmore., with over 100 Greenland Whitefronts up at Cruach.. Down at Leorin, they had a flock of 500 Barnies present, before they were "erupted" by a juv Golden Eagle. Also  seen there was a Merlin and also a male Hen Harrier.  Along on the Oa, they had a count of around 100 Twite. They had also seen an adult Golden Eagle making an ("unidentified") kill in a field.  It then took off with it and landed some distance away and started to pluck and eat, before taking off with its' prey again and soaring around. A juv Golden Eagle appeared and flew around with it, with the adult bird went to land again, with the youngster following it to land. The adult bird then flew off leaving the prey for the youngster.

Many thanks to Dave and other visiting birders who have sent in their sightings to share on the blog, much appreciated as ever.

Out from the big window here at home just around 8.45 am, Margaret saw a White tailed Eagle fly past, flying in along towards Loch Gorm. Other birders from RAFOS who are over this week around the same time had seen another White tailed Eagle, with it noted flying out along the ridge and on towards Rockside.
"JD" this morning had carried out a seawatch from 7.15 this morning down at Frenchman's Rocks.  Nothing much seen apart from 380 Kittiwake and 1,350 Large Auks. On the stubbles at Port Charlotte, he had 4 Pinkies and a count of 130 Rock Doves. Loch Indaal held 12 GND, 21 Scaup, 6 Slavs and a single Goldeneye. Up at Sunderland Farm, 120 Rock Doves were present. Along on Loch Gorm, he had 2 male Common Pochard, and a total count of 112 Tufted Duck, seen between 2 different flocks, and also a Slav Grebe was on the water too... Over at Coullabus, JD had a juv Golden Eagle.

MB is back over again, great to see you again... This morning, he had statrted off up at Ardnave, no joy in seeing any Snow Bunings, but at Traigh Nostaig, he had seen the following birds, 39 Chough, 43 Ringed Plover, 4 Grey Plover, 6 Sanderling and 9 Barwits. When returning to his car, he had a juv Golden Eagle and also saw a ringtail Hen Harrier. Down on the reserve at Gruinart, he had 2 White tailed Eagles and a  juv Golden Eagle, (he wonders whether it might possibly be the same one that was up at Ardnave and over at Coullabus). On the floods, he had 790 Teal and also 23 Shoveler. Up on the edge, he counted 4 Greenshank, 6 Blackwit and 155 Barwit. Down at Bridgend, he saw 23 Pale bellied Brent Geese and also 78 Knot. Along at Blackrock, he had a count of 21 Scaup. late afternoon he saw an adult Golden Eagle over the crag behind Kilchoman.

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