Saturday, 3 August 2019

Saturday 3rd August

Oops, almost forgot to put an entry on the blog tonight, just been one of those busy sort of days, but thakfully it is almost over...

It all started of with a major hiccup on the old pc, but beyond my confidence level to sort out, but an old friend came to my rescue the situation for me, easy when you know how, no it was not James How, and surprise surprise I do have more than one friend in my life..

Enough of the ramblings, just spill the beans on the birds seen today... Not much, I am sorry to say, change over day in the holiday accomodation so tomorrow might bring some new birders on board.
There were 14 young Swallows on the overhead wires later on last evening. This evening the old ruin of a church had a good number of Jackdaws, at least 200, perched there. As long as the Jackdaws do not expect me to feed them.

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