Friday, 15 March 2019

Friday 15th March

Today was the last full day of Chris Mills' group from Norfolk Birding for this visit.  Down on the Oa they had seen a ringtail Hen Harrier, with a flock of 50 Skylarks seen at Kinnabus. Also on the Oa, they counted flocks of over 250 Twite and 80 Linnets. A Peregrine was seen out from Arbeg Distillery as well as a Grey Wagtail seen nearby. Along at Kildalton, they saw 3 Yellowhammers. Further along the road, they had  2 White tailed Eagles. Finally at Leorin, they had spotted the Todd's Canada Goose amongst the flock of Barnacle geese there. 

An interesting footnote.. Yesterday's post to the blog was the 3,900th  post on the blog, so keep the birds sightings coming through folks and I will try to keep you informed as and when I get any sightings through. As I keep saying, there are lies, damned lies and then there is the bird blog...

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